Batzella Vox Loci Syrah, IGT Toscana 2009

Potent, precise and opulent. The kind of intense precision that is ambitious, perhaps idealistic, and determined.

Deep, almost impenetrable ruby colour with dense consistency.

Complex and full aromas that range from ripe fruits such as blackberry and cherry, to rich spices like black pepper and clove, to toasted notes of leather and ashes.

Undeniably Full bodied and concentrated , medium plus acidity balanced by velvety tannins and roundness. A clean, dry finish with reoccurring notes of cherry, plum and blackberry.

Fruit forward and round enough to drink on its own or paired with a rich dish.

89 points

Food pairings: Duck, Venison, leafy vegetables like spinach


  1. You have some intriguing and beautiful images, I assume you have a photo of the label then sketch fruits and flowers etc on the image? Very very creative and clever👍✅

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  2. Can I suggest something to you about your blog? Bloggers who write tasting notes on a specific wine usually forget that most of us can NOT find or buy that wine, so your notes are useless to us! But, as an Italian sommelier it would be very interesting to hear tales of being a sommelier, Education about indigenous Italian grapes, Italian wine regions, Italian wine culture, philosophy of wine and winemaking in Italy etc etc?


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