Marisa Cuomo Fiorduva Costa d’Amalfi 2014

A luxurious nectar of honeyed complexity and tropical poetry. Vivacious, noble and magical.

Lively golden colour with charged tonality.

Elegant, fragrant aromas full of complexity and finesse which evoke citrus notes of bergamot and sweet mandarin, dried apricot, exotic fruits, floral hues of mimosa and Mediterranean flowers, with undertones of almond, sage and honey.

Full flavoured and full bodied without being excessively heavy, great balance between soft, nectar like texture supported by acidity and minerality, pleasant finish with lasting notes of candied apricots.

95 points

Food pairings:

The fullness of this wine and the complexity of its aromas leaves many options open for food pairings. It would be ideal with pasta or rice dishes that share aromatic complexity and persistence, even light spices. Some examples: saffron risotto, pasta with shell fish in a tomato sauce, stuffed squid, roasted octopus.

The winery is located in Furore, a hidden village in the Amalfi coast at an elevation of 200-550 metres. It is here where courageous divers from around the world come to fearlessly and eloquently launch themselves into a sliver of sea between two cliffs that open up into the azure Mediterranean Sea. It is with the same spirit that these grapes are cultivated from small terraces etched in the rocks, in what could only be called “heroic”. The vines are grown on pergolas in rocky soil of Dolomiti and calcare with a southern exposition. This wine is a blend of 30% Fenile, 30% Ginestra and 40% Ripoli, autochthonous varietals that are a true expression of the territory. The grapes are handpicked when they are slightly overripe, clarification is done in static, cold conditions, they are fermented at 12 degrees Celsius and aged 3 months in oak barriques. The wine has won many international awards such as “Il Migliore Bianco dell’Italia” in 2006, 3 bicchieri Gambero Rosso and 5 grappoli AIS.

I rarely think about the enologist when considering wine, probably because I rarely know anything about them. However, when I discovered the man behind this wine, those articulate and intense aromas all made sense. The enologist is Luigi Moio, one of the best in Italy, known as “the poet of wine “. I’m currently reading his book, “Il respiro del Vino” (the breath of wine), which is a passionate and imaginative explanation of the chemistry of wine aromas. Moio uses vivid metaphors and illustration to convey complex chemistry in a simple and poetic way. His love and curiosity of the enigma of wine is inspiring and touching. I don’t know if the book is available in English, but if it is, find it and read it. Your palate will thank you!

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