Pascal Jolivet Sancerre 2015

Tamed-wildness, zest and finesse. As much crisp and youthful as it is timeless.

Translucent, pale straw yellow colour with green reflections.

Elegant Herbaceous and floral aromas of fresh herbs such as sage and thyme, elderflower, and thistle with mineral tones of sea salt, hints of lime and lemon zest and some tropical fruits.

On the palate fresh with strong mineral flavours balanced by subdued fruity sweetness, elegant finish with long, lingering aromas of banana and herbs.

85 points

Food pairings:

The wine has a light body with plenty of acidity and a long persistence requiring light dishes with intense aromas. Some examples: fresh goats cheese, vegetables tarts, sea bass cooked with fresh herbs.

“Crafting a wine is a great outlet to become creative, a kind of art that asks us to listen to Mother Nature to better perceive and understand her messages. Magic happens while grapes are transformed into juice, then into wine and gives back to the terroir it’s nobility.” -Pascal Jolivet

The Pascal Jolivet winery began in 1995 when Jolivet purchased his first vineyards in the region of Sancerre in the Loire Valley. The vineyards neighbor the famous Châteaux du Cheverny and Chambord, and in just a few years the wines have gained international acclaim, being served in Michelin star restaurants world wide. Jolivet has a passion for creating terroir-driven wines with as little intervention as possible. In the wine making process he follows biodynamic techniques such as using gravity to direct the flow of the musts, light pressing to protect the integrity of the grape, and 100% indigenous yeasts in a slow fermentation. The Sauvignon Blanc is a blend of grapes from three different terroirs vinified separately, of which 50% limestone giving minerality and finesse, 30% limestone clay giving enhanced richness of fruity aromas, and 20% flint giving structure and minerality. The result is a wine with clean and elegant aromas, predominantly floral and mineral with just a touch of citrus, and a refined taste that is both crisp and persistent.

The region of Sancerre is found in the eastern part of Loire Valley on the left bank of the Loire river. It is one of the most celebrated regions for Sauvignon Blanc, and perhaps the best, thanks to the particular “white soil” of the area composed mostly of limestone and flint which give the wines their distinct mineral character, as well as the continental climate which allows grapes to reach full maturity and develop aromatic complexity. The near by Pouilly-Fumé also produces Sauvignon Blanc, which tend to have more delicate aromas and less body. Other regions for Sauvignon Blanc include Alto Adige and Friuli-Venezia Giulia in Italy, New Zealand and California, all of which tend to have more grassy notes and less minerality.


  1. A beautiful refined image as usual 👍 I’m surprised at how cheap his wines are in the U.K. generally, only around £20! My Wines 101 Bucket List doesn’t have a Sancerre included, but it does have a Pouilly Fume Silex from Didier Dagueneau. I hope to visit there next week.


    1. Thanks! 😊 excellent value for money! The two regions are quite close and meant to be quite similar styles. You’ll probably enjoy it since it’s not known to be fruit forward 😉 let me know what you think!

      Liked by 1 person

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