Gaierhof Novello Di Teroldego, Vigneti delle Dolomiti 2017

Spirited, jovial and unpretentious. Drinks just like it should with authentic varietal flare.

Vibrant violet colour tending towards ruby.

Fragrant and vinous aromas of ripe berries such as strawberry, cherry and raspberry, fresh flowers and wet grass on a dewy morning.

Soft and light bodied, juicy flavours with a delicate acidity, well balanced with a surprisingly long finish. Pleasant easy drinking.

82 points

Food pairings:

This wine is young with fresh fruit flavours but easy on structure so it would be best with simple dishes, even as an aperitif. Some examples: cold cuts and medium aged cheese, grilled chicken salad, roasted chestnuts.

Vino Novello is the Italian equivalent of French Beaujolais. The grapes, once harvested, undergo carbonic maceration which consists of saturating unpressed grapes with carbon gas for a period of 1 to 2 weeks. This process induces a partial alcoholic fermentation inside the grapes and encourages the extraction of phenolic components. After this, the grapes are then pressed and the must completes the alcoholic fermentation producing wines that are fruity, soft and already ready to drink from October/November.

Gaierhof is a cooperative winery in Trentino Alto Adige, the most northern region of Italy. They receive their grapes from from 160 associate farmers in the areas of Colline Di Lavis and Roveré della Luna. Teroldego is an autochthonous varietal from Trentino Alto Adige known for being deeply pigmented, fruity and soft. Even with the carbonic maceration, this wine retains the identity of the varietal, making it both drinkable and characteristic.


  1. My wife, Dr C, is jovial and unpretentious but I’ve never met a wine yet that was either of these things cognitively 😂😂. But I am a big fan of wine Cooperatives in France and am looking forward to my belated discovery of Italian wine Cooperatives too.


    1. Oh dear 🤦‍♀️😅 well, the word jovial came to mind when reflecting on this wine because the way the aromas played on each other gave me the impression of something I would associate with cheerfulness (as opposed to something darker like cigar smoke or tar or liquorice). And unpretentious because it’s a young wine, meant to be drunk young, with a light body as opposed to say a noteworthy Bordeaux with complexity and ageing potential. Of course it’s all just representation based on my own perception, but I hope to at least “paint a picture”. Anyways, I think it really depends on the wine cooperative but there are some excellent finds out there!

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      1. Nooooo! Surely it depends on your own synapses. I’ve had another great vignerone agree with me today in Savennierre, a 5th generation female winemaker


      2. Power to her! It’s one thing to exaggerate and name off things that you don’t actually perceive just because it sounds pretty, it’s another to reflect on what you’re perceiving with focus and try to translate it into words. I hope my synapses isn’t taking too much of an artistic licence 😅

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