Wine Wednesday #5: The culture and wine of Tuscany

The Two Doctors: Buddha walks into a wine bar is one of the most interesting blogs I follow. Two retired doctors based in England write about their experiences travelling, drinking wine and reflecting on culture and philosophy. It is no ordinary wine blog, but rather wine immersed in the history, geography, culture and philosophy that make wine drinking so engaging. Here is an article that I wrote for them in preparation for their upcoming trip to Tuscany which I hope reflects their passion for wine, travel and culture.

The Two Doctors

My offering for Wine Wednesday this week is a guest post from Danell Nelson, a qualified sommelier in Salerno on the Amalfi Coast, Italy where she also teaches English. Danell is new to blogging but has rapidly become one of my best internet wine friends, several of whom we have visited and met with in France, Spain, USA …… but not Italy …. yet! Her posts are an outstanding mix of tasting notes, winery information and cultural aspects, all enhanced by Danell’s own stunning artwork. She doesn’t just insert a photo of a wine, she DRAWS it with subtle elements of the fruits, herbs, spices she notes in the wine itself. Her long term goal is “to create a wine club with packages of wine information about the wine plus its history and culture …. with personal illustrations. I strongly encourage you to head over to her blog at

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