How to engage with fellow bloggers? Part 1

I’ve written previously about my collaboration with Dr. B on his new book, “It’s Not About The Wine!”, now available on Amazon, but I wrote mostly about the creative process of doing the art work. Brian has written a wonderful post on our collaboration which was born out of our mutual engagement on each other’s blogs. He asks thought-provoking questions about why people blog and how to engage with other bloggers. Please go have a read…

The Two Doctors

Why Are You Following Our Blog was the title of an article I posted here over 2 years ago in which I traced how I had changed our blog focus over the years from being about our education aid work in Nepal, to sharing our globetrotting travel adventures, and then onto wine tasting, collecting and visiting wine regions. Probably like many other bloggers I compared the number of followers with the number of readers of a post, the number of likes and the number of comments about a post, and found the usual tapering off to get only 1% of followers who commented. At that time I had about 300 followers, today I have closer to 1100 as I focus mostly on wine, but the usual tapering still exists, maybe even worse!

When I wrote that article I said that it made me reflect on why I blogged about anything…

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