Culture & Wine #1 Culture defined

Is Wine part of the Culture of any society, or is wine merely an artefact of culture, something that arises from wine being made within that society?…

Culture & Wine #1 Culture defined

In another thought-provoking article on Buddha Walks into a Wine Bar, Dr. B dives into defining culture and exploring its relationship to wine. He looks at different aspects of culture which identify a country, corporate culture, and the ways in which wine is embedded in culture. Not only is it a cultural artefact with its own symbols and rituals, it is also something which encourages cultural interaction between people, as Dr. B illustrates with his amusing anecdotes.

It has been useful and inspiring for me to read as I embark on starting my cultural association, Vinthropology, in Italy, and I hope it will be for you too!

Dr. B has also recently published a book, It’s Not About The Wine: A 50 years’ memoir of wine WITH history, philosophy, art, travel and people, now available on Amazon. Check it out!


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