Culture & Wine #2 Rituals and Customs

“Without cultural context wine is meaningless. When divorced from the human references that define the origin, style and quality of wine – the …

Culture & Wine #2 Rituals and Customs

There is so much about wine that is ritualistic, from the rituals involved in wine tasting to ceremonies and festivals world wide. These ceremonies and festivals show how wine is embedded in culture and celebrated together with a country’s history, traditions, food and and music. In this post, Dr. B at Buddha Walks Into a Wine Bar explores the rituals and customs connected to wine in the countries of France and Giorgia. I could name a few in Italy as well! Go take a look!

Dr. B has also recently published a book about all his wine travels and the great life experiences he’s gained from them. A perfect book for anyone wanting to deepen their passion and knowledge of wine.

It’s Not About The Wine! A 50 year memoir of wine WITH history, philosophy, art, travel and people by Brian Metters

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