Culture & Wine: #3 Faiths, Beliefs, Symbols

“From the actual situation of the elbow, we are enabled to drink at our ease, the glass going directly to the mouth. Let us, then, with glass in hand…

Culture & Wine: #3 Faiths, Beliefs, Symbols

There are many references to wine in mythology, notably the figure of Dionysus, the Greek god of wine, later adapted by the Romans into Bacchus. Wine is also a symbol in Christianity as the blood of Christ, and is connected to several religious acts of faith. Non-religious symbols of wine can be found in objects such as particular glasses, bottles and labels from different wine regions around the world. In this post by Dr. B, at Buddha Walks into a Wine Bar, explores how wine is embedded in culture through faiths, beliefs and symbols. Part of the series “Wine & Culture”, it offers clear examples of what culture is made up of and how its related to wine. Go take a look!

Dr. B has also recently published a book, It’s Not About The Wine! A 50 years memoir of wine WITH history, philosophy, art, travel and people. Perfect for any wine and travel lover!

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