Culture &Wine: #4 A “lost” culture?

I have reached a point in my posts about Wine and Culture where something needs to be clarified; and that is the two way nature of culture and all of…

Culture &Wine: #4 A “lost” culture?

What effect do cultural norms have on our behaviour? Nowadays, bingeing is everywhere from fast food to social media, to tv series, and drinking. In this post, part of the series “Culture & Wine”, Dr. B questions whether we have lost our culture, especially among younger generations, by comparing the Ancient Greek virtues of “Know Thyself” and “Nothing in excess” to the excessively hedonistic nights out of young people. Provocative, but not completely off the mark.

Visit his blog, Buddha Walks into a Wine Bar, to discover more of the series and other wine related posts.

Dr. B has also recently published a book, “It’s Not About the Wine”, now available on Amazon.

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