Culture & Wine #5.1 Art

One does not need to be an expert on art in all its forms to understand and accept that art influences and is a reflection of any society. In fact it…

Culture & Wine #5.1 Art

Culture is made up of a number of things including values, beliefs and attitudes, the expression of which is often found in art. Art is both a reflection of culture as well as culture in its own right, intended as the intellectual achievements of human kind through such forms as painting, literature, music and dance. When wine is the subject matter of art, what does that tell us about the culture of wine and culture at large? In this part of the series “Culture & Wine”, Dr. B gives some specific examples of artwork centred around wine through the ages which reflect the culture of that era.

Check out his blog Buddha Walks into a Wine Bar to explore the whole series.

…And his recently published book It’s Not About The Wine !

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