Culture & Wine #5.2 Literature

There are many ways to write about wine. At one extreme there is the technical — a language of terroir involving geology and environmental science, …

Culture & Wine #5.2 Literature

“A great wine is a cultural achievement”

-Roger Scruton

In this part of the series “Culture & Wine”, Dr. B surveys the diverse range of literature about wine from tasting notes to poetry, travel guides, and journalism. The fact that so many have written about wine in various ways shows a collective desire to communicate the experience in all its facets. These written texts take wine as an object of scientific research, philosophical contemplation, and poetic prose… a cultural achievement indeed!

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He has also recently published his own book now available on amazon and amazon kindle, It’s Not About The Wine


  1. Thanks for reblogging this Danell, as usual I never know how to comment on my own post. 🤔 Bit you have introduced it very well and lead your readers into it nicely. I did quite a lot of research for this post and stumbled around all over the place; wine quotations, articles, wine books with
    references, and even a book about wine literature specifically. As expected one can only scratch the surface with something like this, but hopefully it will show readers again the breadth of wine in culture 🙏🙏🙏. I Taste White coming soon!

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    1. It’s a pleasure! I think there’s only one left in the series, correct? There certainly is a lot to discover out there, if you’ve only scratched the surface I don’t know where that leaves me! Looking forward to “I Taste White” 😉

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      1. Yes, one left ….. in theory. It’s “Language”, and it’s another massive area that I can only scratch the surface of. My brain is full of stuff I’ve researched from so many angles ….. tasting dimensions, taste aesthetics, terroir related, winemaking process, bottle sizes, yada yada

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