Culture & Wine: #7 Language

A complex subject, so, an easy one to start …. my grandparents will have never heard the words Champagne or Prosecco, two wine words that are known …

Culture & Wine: #7 Language

Speaking about wine may be a difficult task for somebody who is not familiar with “industry terms”. But it is also true that wine professionals need to speak in a way that others can relate to whether they are selling a wine or recommending one to go with a dish. Then there is the language used to describe wine which ranges anywhere from technical terms to florid metaphors. In the last post of the series “Culture & Wine”, Dr. B at Buddha Walks into a Wine Bar explores the codified, yet ever evolving, language of wine and how it relates to culture, from linguistics to philosophy.

Dr. B has also recently published a book, It’s Not About The Wine a 50 years memoir of wine WITH history, philosophy, art, travel and people. An excellent read for anyone interested in how wine offers unique experiences and enriches our lives.

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