Artist Feature: The Visual Wine Tastings of Caroline Brun

On the 30th of September the Wine Art Contest and GreenPrix 2021 edition was brought to a close with an award ceremony at the Royal Palace of Portici, Italy. These two contests, organised by MAVV Wine Art Museum, were dedicated to the themes of art, culture, innovation and sustainability in the wine and tourism sectors. The Wine Art Contest, which was aimed at valorising and promoting young artistic talent who create works of art inspired by wine, saw an impressive turnout with over 200 submissions from Italy and abroad.

The winner of “Best International Artist” was Caroline Brun, a french artist from Champagne who Vinthropology aps had the pleasure to collaborate with and involve in the contest. It was also a great pleasure to meet her and hear her speak of her passion for art and wine, namely the wines of Champagne. Caroline is a real gem who uses her creative voice to express the complexity, elegance and texture of wine through her abstract paintings.

Caroline Brun, master class “La Degustation Visuelle”

Qualified expert in Champagne, IWC Champagne Ambassador, certified Sake Sommelier, and wine journalist, she is an excellent interpreter of wine, acutely attuned to all its nuances and subtleties. Indeed, her artwork is not limited to a representation of aromas and flavours, but eloquently speaks to the structure, the tension, the energy and the brilliance of each wine she tastes. Using materials from bottles, such as glass and corks, mixed with dazzling displays of colour and form, her paintings are rich, dimensional worlds to be enjoyed with all the senses. They are alive, full of pure elegance, and the immediate impact they have through the expressiveness of her visual language goes beyond words, penetrating the sensual essence of wine.

Caroline Brun and her paintings are a joy to discover for lovers of art and the art of wine.

Caroline Brun also guides master classes, “La Degustation Visuelle”, wine tasting courses designed to deepen ones knowledge of Champagne and its characteristics through their representation in her artwork.

For more information visit her website:

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