Wine Guide

A collection of articles and illustrations exploring the world of wine: tasting notes, winery visits and wine regions

Visual tasting notes: As a visually-minded person, I think and understand things through images. By illustrating the aromas I smell in a wine, I feel like the description comes alive. These illustrations encourage me to focus on the unique character of each wine I taste. I hope that for others they offer a different way of appreciating wine descriptions through the immediacy of images and their intricate connection to our other senses.

Assaggi di Jazz

Ricordi di una gradevolissima serata dalla cantina Tredaniele… Il 30 maggio un gruppo di soci ha partecipato all’evento organizzato dalla cantina Tredaniele,“Assaggi di Jazz”, nel loro vigneto a Trentinara. La serata prevedeva un concerto di Fabrizio Bosso, jazzista di fama internazionale, tenuto proprio all’interno del vigneto, ed una degustazione di tre vini dell’ azienda in … More

Culture & Wine #2 Rituals and Customs

“Without cultural context wine is meaningless. When divorced from the human references that define the origin, style and quality of wine – the … Culture & Wine #2 Rituals and Customs There is so much about wine that is ritualistic, from the rituals involved in wine tasting to ceremonies and festivals world wide. These ceremonies … More

Wine Masterclass #8 How do I know this is a quality wine?

One of the questions that really baffles novice winos is “how do I know whether this is a good quality wine or not?” which is a completely different … Wine Masterclass #8 How do I know this is a quality wine? Here is another thought-provoking post from Dr. B’s blog, Buddha Walks into a Wine … More

Wine Masterclass #7 What use is knowledge in the enjoyment of wine?

I have met many people and have a number of friends who feel intimidated by wine! Well, maybe not the wine itself, but by wine waiters, sommelier, … Wine Masterclass #7 What use is knowledge in the enjoyment of wine? If wine is an aesthetic experience, is it merely sensory or can knowledge add to … More

Floral Wines

Flowers can brighten a room or brighten someone’s day. They have been contemplated for their beauty in painting, poetry and prose throughout the ages. They have graced gardens the world over for centuries. Their aromas have inspired the scents of perfumes, potions, soaps, candles and essential oils. But what about floral aromas in wine? It … More

Cantina Vignaioli Scansano- Morellino di Scansano Roggiano DOCG 2017

Vibrant ruby colour with bright clarity, vivid aromas of dark fruit and spices with floral nuances, notes of blackberry, raspberry, cassis and violets with spicy black pepper, intense berry flavours on the palate giving the wine a soft fullness balanced by fresh acidity and smooth tannins with a peppery finish. Food Pairings: Given the wines … More

Miss Savvy La Blanc of Marlborough 2019

A bright and beautifully expressive Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand, light straw-yellow colour with green reflections, exuberant aromas of tropical fruit, stone fruit and citrus, from mango to white peach to zesty lime, followed by intense flavours with luscious fruit sweetness and and a minerality that’s practically fizzy, juicy with a lingering salty finish. Food … More

In Defense of Sommeliers

This is part of a conversation between Dr. B at buddha walks into a wine bar and I on the topic of what he calls “deplorable wine tasting notes” and the question of subjectivity vs. objectivity. In an effort to “steel man” his argument, Dr. B believes that wine tasting notes with an endless list … More

The Last Time

I’ve recently started a meditation course with the app called “Waking Up” by Sam Harris. It is the most thorough and practical guide I have found to mindfulness meditation, complete with guided meditation sessions and theory lessons to integrate into the practice. One particular theory lesson, called “The Last Time”, really struck me. Sam Harris … More